Vaillant Boiler Installation in Maldon Essex

Mr. Smith, Maldon 24/08/2011

This particular Vaillant combination boiler installation was carried out from scratch as no gas boiler was present at the property initially.

Mark, Chelmsford Boilers

Free Boiler Quote & Survey

The property was surveyed free of charge to the customer, two weeks prior to the actual boiler installation being carried out. During the survey the ideal location for the boiler and all relevant pipe-work runs were pre-determined and discussed with the customer, to make sure that they were happy with the location.

The next part of the survey included a mains water pressure and flow rate check, a detailed cubic meter measurement of each room in the dwelling, and an inspection of the heat loss characteristics of the building in order to match the correct size of combination boiler for maximum performance and efficiency.

Boiler Installation

This boiler installation was completed in one day by myself, it was produced solely in copper tube apart from the condense pipe work which is connected to the boiler in 21.5mm overflow pipe internally and finished off externally in 32mm plastic, to prevent the pipe work freezing in extreme conditions. If the condense pipe work can be terminated internally this is always preferential but in this instance, we did not have that option.

The boiler has been fitted with a magnetic lime-scale inhibitor to slow down the affects of the hard water deposits characteristic of this region.

This particular Vaillant combination boiler is controlled by a Honeywell CM927 wireless 7-day programmable room thermostat. The wireless capabilities of this programmable room thermostat means that it can be installed virtually any were in the property or carried around like a remote control. The programmer of this particular unit has 6 independent time and temperature settings and is very user friendly.  

Boiler Commissioning

Once the boiler installation is complete the heating system is flushed twice, firstly with a system cleaning chemical like Adey MC3+ and then with clean water and checked for any possible leaks. When the heating system is deemed to be sound a concentrated central heating system inhibitor like Fernox is added to the system.

The next stage of the commissioning involves a gas tightness check and gas working pressure and gas rate checks, whilst the boiler is functioning at maximum flow rate.

The next step is to check the flue gas CO and CO2 ratios; this is done with the aid of a flue gas analyser.

All of this information is logged in the commissioning check list and left with the customer along with a Gas Safety Certificate.

The radiators of the central heating system are now balanced by adjusting the locksheild valves in order to give an even water flow and temperature distribution.

Boiler Warranty & Gas Safety Registration

The boiler warranty and Gas Safe registration notifications are completed by us and the relevant certificates are sent by post to the customer.

Annual Boiler Servicing

The customer will receive an e-mail or text message 11 months and 2 weeks from the date of the installation notifying them that the boiler is due for its annual service, and all they have to do is contact us to arrange a suitable day and time.

I was really impressed with the quality of work and the lack of disruption Mark caused, and was surprised how quickly he got the job done. Would definitely recommend.

Mr. Smith, Maldon